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18 October:

In 1983 Vijay Manjrekar died in Madras, aged 52. He played 55 Tests for India , scoring 3,208 runs at an average of 39.12. He is considered one of the best middle-order batsmen to ever play for India. As a 20-year-old, he scored a century in England in 1952, in a series in which debutante Fred Trueman overwhelmed India. He scored a century in his last Test innings against New Zealand but was dropped after his Test, apparently for poor fielding never playing for India again. His son Sanjay also played successfully for India and is now a popular TV commentator and columnist.



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Before the match: A comprehensive statistical review of the previous encounters between the two sides, covering each and every aspect of the game viz team records, player records, head to head statistics etc. We do this not by just These are not just plain statistics, but much more than that, giving a clear picture of what the trend has been, successful players who have raised their games and the ones who have been found wanting, player v player contests, interesting trivia, approaching milestones etc.

During the match: We have a team of qualified scorers to cover a match live. Each and every ball bowled in a match is recorded on different parameters like line & length of the ball, shot offered, scoring area. We then employ various meaningful measures to come up with in-depth analysis about the things that ultimately made the difference, where and how a side allowed the game to drift away, strategy that turned the game on its head. This is done by the use of the following tools:

  • Manhattans
  • Wagon wheels
  • Trend Charts
  • Scoring pattern
  • Run Progression Charts
  • Run Rate Comparison charts
  • Line & Length charts
  • Innings progress
  • Partnership graphs
  • Player v Player stats

Details are provided of all important records made and milestones achieved during the course of a match.

After the match: A detailed statistical analysis of the game is provided within minutes of end of match / close of play, which includes :

  • Stats highlights
  • Match numbers- sometimes funny, sometimes weird, but interesting nonetheless
  • Updated career / tournament averages
  • Updated points table

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